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Call for Papers – English

Please send your abstract by October 31, 2022 using the template on the congress homepage. Required information is:

  • format (lecture, workshop, poster)
  • chosen subject area (for lecture and workshop)
  • author, author team
  • title, if applicable, subtitle (in German and English)
  • summary of your contribution / concept of the panel discussion including the research question and the core statement of your contribution.

The program committee will review the abstracts received and make a selection. You will be notified as soon as possible after the decision-making process whether your paper is accepted.

Submitted abstracts have a good chance of being accepted if they:

  • present innovative concepts,
  • correspond to the scope of the subject areas,
  • report on interdisciplinary and/or transnational work,
  • are related to practice-relevant and practice-reflecting topics.

For futher information please contact info(at)vbs2023.de.

A note for contributions for the "VBS Working Group Dialogues": Abstracts in this category will not be assigned to the subject areas. Please submit them directly to the representatives of the Working Group (mechthild.gahbler(at)vbs.eu, imke.wissmann(at)vbs.eu), marking them as "VBS WG-Dialogues" and indicating the relevant Working Group.

Accepted abstracts will be published on the congress homepage before the start of the congress, allowing orientation for all interested parties in advance.

The congress report will contain all contributions on CD-ROM; keynotes and plenary lectures also in printed version. Therefore, we would like to point out that accepted contributions must be sent digitally to the congress office by July 24, 2023.